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It matters how you start.

Hey! I’m Marlita, aka The Niche Nailer.

I help creative entrepreneurs prepare to build and share their work. I focus my clients on getting clarity because I know the cost of building without it:

The frail confidence, the struggle to simply explain what you do, the frustration of feeling like you’re missing something that’s holding you up but you can’t see what it is, the wasteful decisions you make that you have to fix when you finally figure out what the heck you’re doing, the struggle to make decisions, and the overwhelm of not knowing where to start, what to focus on, or which way to go.

I don’t want you to go through that.

And with me, you won’t have to.

As a Creative Strategist, I see connections, simplify ideas and processes, and build worlds out of fragments. I look forward to using my expertise to help you work through the details of your ideas and develop a clear vision to guide you in getting your brilliant work out into the world.

I Work On


What are you building?


What are the parts and how do they work together?


What is the best way to build it?

I Work With...


Are you a new entrepreneur who needs clear, straightforward direction and support in the beginning of your business journey? Are you an Edupreneur who wants to build a business that shares your ideas, message, and expertise to propel others in their journey? Are you a Multi-passionate who needs to clarify what threads your various interests together so you can move your business forward in a cohesive way?

My customized one-on-one business coaching will give you the clarity you need to determine the best course for your business.

Authors (Non-Fiction)

Are you writing a nonfiction book and could use support organizing your ideas and understanding the book writing process? Have you written a nonfiction book and want guidance turning that book into products, services, etc? Do you have a business and want to write a book to share your ideas or serve your clients? My author coaching will support you through your book planning, writing, and marketing. 

Artists (Art + Entrepreneurship)

Are you working on building a business around your art? Are you holding back because you’ve been struggling to explain your work due to all the things you do? My entrepreneurship coaching for artists will give you the clarity and language you need to share your creative ideas with others and determine the best course for your art business.

Artists (Art + Faith)

Do you feel like you’re straddling two worlds as a Christian and artist? Do you want a more integrated experience making art in a secular environment? In our work together, I will help you build a relationship between your faith and art career that empowers you to flourish as a whole, multifaceted person living a single, multifaceted experience.

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