Nail that Niche

Defining the work you do, the people you serve, and the problems you solve

My work is to get you clear about your work

Getting clear about your work is not the sexiest part of building a business. There are no cool business cards to pass out. No awesome website to share. No photoshoot favorites to post on social media. And it is difficult work. 

But here’s why it’s still so important that you do it. 

Would you start building a house before you thought through what it will look like? Before you’ve determined where to build it? Or how many rooms it will have? Or how big it will be? Before you’ve determined a floor plan or layout? Before you’ve thought through how you will live in the house or what materials you will use? 

No, you wouldn’t. 

You would take the time to work through the details and develop a clear picture of the house you envision–a picture to guide you in constructing your house and keep you from wasting time and money making avoidable mistakes and undoing bad decisions.

For the same reasons, your work needs the same clarity before you can effectively build it. This is true whether you’re writing a book or building an art business, relationship between your faith and art career, or

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Marlita Hill is a choreographer, multi-published author, and 20+ year educator who creates, teaches, writes, mentors, podcasts, and speaks in and across the areas of faith, art, and entrepreneurship. Whether she is addressing artists seeking freedom and wholeness in their experience building an art career as a Christian, or edupreneurs seeking help in getting their ideas clear and in front of their ideal audience, Hill’s work focuses on identity–which includes helping clients define who they are as creators, what their work is, what it’s about, who it’s for, and where it fits–so that they have the clarity they need to make the best decisions in building and sharing their work their way.