The Kingdom Art Life Course (KAL) is a journey about you – about the artist who shows up in your faith walk, relationship with God, and creative career. KAL is a year-long, self-directed journey through twelve reflective conversations that affirm you in your experience as a Christian building an art career in the marketplace. These conversations will spark a renewal in the way you see your art life in God, and see God in your art life—helping you cultivate a Christ-centered, faith-maturing, Kingdom-building, purpose-fulfilling, fruit-producing, God-honoring, Holy Spirit-led, intimacy deepening life in art that honors your creative heart as you boldly take space in your art career.

What Artists Are Saying...

The Kingdom Art Life Course meets virtually for 12 weeks. Each week, participants listen to the Module Teaching in the Course Dashboard and gather at the appointed time to discuss the module.

Full refunds are available (no questions asked) up until the completion of the second class of your cohort. After the completion of your cohort’s second class, no refunds are available.

KAL Modules

Module 1: On the Issue of Seeing
Explores how we see ourselves and our experience as career-focused artists in Christ actively engaged in (or pursuing) an art career.

Module 2: The Relationship-Deepening Art Life, Pt. 1
Explores how we’ve come to see ourselves and our experience as career-focused artists in Christ the way we do.

Module 3: The Relationship-Deepening Art Life, Pt. 2
Explores how we begin to cultivate trust, intimacy, and vulnerability with God in our creative life so that we can walk in wholeness.

Module 4: The God-Honoring Art Life
Explores how struggles with usefulness has impacted our relationship with God and Christian community, and our vision of our place and art career.

Module 5: The Christ-Centered Art Life
Explores the reality of our experience as artists who have said yes to God.

Module 6: The Spirit-Led Art Life
Explores how the Holy Spirits leads us in the everyday-ness of our art careers.

Module 7: The Faith-Building Art Life
Explores the practical ways we build, manage, and navigate our art careers by faith.

Module 8: The Honorably-Minded Art Life
Explores the accountability of being a career-focused artist in relationship with Christ and the mindsets that keep our career decisions honorable.

Module 9: The Kingdom-Building Art Life
Explores how our “secular” art careers participate in building the Kingdom.

Module 10: The Fruit-Producing Art Life
Explores how God works through the daily routines and experiences of our art careers to produce spiritual maturity in us. 

Module 11: The Purpose-Full Art Life
Explores how our creative lives participate in the things God purposes to do for us, in us, with us, and through us.

Module 12: The All-Honoring Art Life
Explores what it means to bring all parts of ourselves into all parts of our experience as Christians building an art career in secular culture.

Marlita Hill is a choreographer, multi-published author, and educator. She is the creator of the Kingdom Artist Initiative (KAI), which mentors professional artists of faith in building a healthy, undivided relationship between their faith and art career. She also forms instructional partnerships with colleges, artist organizations, and churches, providing curriculum to help disciple their marketplace artists. Her books are used for college ministry courses, small groups, and dance ministries. 

Marlita is an Adjunct Instructor and MFA graduate with Belhaven University (MS). She is the creator of the Kingdom Art Life podcast and is the Artistic Director/Choreographer for Speak Hill Dance Project, through which she showcases her own work and provides master classes, guest choreography, and residencies. Her choreography has been presented at venues including Belhaven University, ARC Pasadena, Lineage Performing Arts Center, Diavolo, Towson University, Kennedy Center’s Millennium Stage (in collaboration with VT Dance), Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center (MD), and Carpenter Center Performing Arts. For over twenty years, Marlita has served God as a dance artist in the church and marketplace and, through that experience, mentors artists around the world.