The Kingdom Artist Institute

Building freedom and harmony between faith, art, and career

About KAI

The Kingdom Artist Institute (KAI) helps creatives build healthy, mutual relationships between their faith and art careers. Through our podcast, books, courses, and community, artists learn to:

Walk in Wholeness
Bring all parts of who they are as Kingdom artists to their faith walk, creative expression, and career.

Move In Freedom
Stand unapologetically in the art life God is leading them to build – regardless of the kind of art they make, who they make it with, or where they make it.

Work in Harmony
Engage their faith, creativity, and career in a single experience where each part flourishes and achieves its fullest expression through working together.


Work with Me

What kind of help are you looking for?

Join a Cohort

I want to unpack how my faith and art work together with a group of artists asking the same questions.

Get 1:1 Coaching

I want someone to support / guide me in integrating my faith and art in my career.

Invite Me to Speak

I want Marlita to speak to our community of artists about building a healthy relationship between our faith and art careers.

Connect with other Kingdom Artists

Join our growing community of artists around the world dedicated to building their art careers the Kingdom way. In our Hylo community, you can collaborate, network, and meetup with other artists of faith in your area. 


Marlita Hill is a choreographer, multi-published author, and educator. She is the creator of the Kingdom Artist Initiative (KAI), which mentors professional artists of faith in building a healthy, undivided relationship between their faith and art career. She also forms instructional partnerships with colleges, artist organizations, and churches, providing curriculum to help disciple their marketplace artists. Her books are used for college ministry courses, small groups, and dance ministries. 

For over twenty years, Marlita has served God as a dance artist in the church and marketplace and, through that experience, now mentors artists around the world.  More about Marlita