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Defying Discord: A Conversation with Marlita Hill
Thriving Christian Artist Podcast

As an artist of faith, are you holding in tension both the dream and the hard work it takes to grow in what God has given you? This episode [with Marlita] is one of the most thought-provoking conversations I’ve had on how faithful artists are meant to walk out their faith in the arts. 

Wholeness, Liberty, & Harmony: A Conversation with Author, Artist, and Dancer, Marlita Hill
Thriving Christian Artist Podcast

In this episode of the Thriving Christian Artist Podcast, Matt sits down for a talk with Marlita Hill as she shares how she uses her God-given artistic gifts in the marketplace. 

Defying Discord
Art + Faith Conversations Podcast

Taking a raw and honest approach to asking questions about how to represent the kingdom no matter where we work, dancer, author and educator Marlita Hill talks with us about her 3rd book, “Defying Discord.”

How to Identify God’s Voice in Your Creative Choices
God and Gigs Podcast

Navigating the twists and turns of a career in the arts is hard enough, but when you have a deep relationship with God, it can seem even more intense. Marlita has travelled that road, and she has learned some valuable lessons that she now shares with artists, creatives and fellow believers. 



Marlita Hill talks helping artists flourish in faith, art, and career.
Sputnik Arts


Removing unnecessary obstacles: Resolving the supposed tensions and moving forwards as artists and Christ-followers
Sputnik Arts


Creating Your Own Path
The Well / Intervarsity Christian Fellowship USA


Charting a Course for Christians in “Secular” Art Careers
Brielle Magazine


An Interview with a Unique Christian-Artist-Entrepreneur
The Borough




Finding Common Threads and Integrating Different Parts Of Your Identity
The Meaning Movement Podcast

In this episode, Marlita and Dan discuss ideas around understanding your work, including the importance of understanding what you’re trying to build, how the identity of your creation influences all decisions, working through the tornado brain and laying the initial foundation, and finding threads that tie your story together.

Brand Clarity To Best Serve Your Ideal Customers
The Customer First Podcast

Marlita and Tacey discuss how clarity about your work and brand best positions you to serve your ideal customer.

She Got a Master’s for FREE?? The Power of Networking with Marlita Hill
The Road to Greatness Podcast

Get out a pen and piece of paper to take notes, because The Road to Greatness is paved with learning! Know that achieving greatness is NOT for the chosen few, but for the few who choose! Marlita has been able to write 5 books while traveling all over the world. Not only that, but she has also managed to get a Master’s degree, for free! And she has done all of this through networking and building relationships with the right people in a highly strategic way.