Dancers! Assume the Position

The What, The Why, and the Impact of the Dancer's Ministry

Dancers! Assume the Position speaks to every person wanting a greater understanding of how they contribute to what God is doing in and through His body. Through a big-picture lens, it examines our service to God, why He calls us to it, and how He uses it. If you have ever questioned whether your service has any real impact or wondered is this all there is, this book is for you.

Focusing on dancers and worship artists, this foundational understanding is relevant and applicable in all areas of ministry. As a dancer, pastor, or usher, Dancers! Assume the Position will bring you into a renewed sense of purpose and relevance as you come to see how intricately God has tied the fulfillment of His plans to what He invested in you. Hill explains the dancer’s ministry through several questions: What transforms our dance into ministry? What does God use our ministry to accomplish in His body and His kingdom? How does ministry happen through our dance? How do we discover and walk in our individual assignments through dance?

Classification: Dance + Faith pgs.
Format: Paperback pgs.
Pages: 116 pgs.
Book size: 6×9
Price: 15$
ISBN: 978-0-615-817620