Artists - Edupreneurs - Authors

My work is to get you clear about your work

I’m Marlita. I help creators understand what they’re building so they can make the best decisions to create their best work. 

Whether I’m working with artists seeking a healthy relationship between their faith and art career, edupreneurs seeking help in getting their ideas in front of their ideal audience, or authors preparing to write and market their books, I love helping creators get the clarity they need to build their best work their way. I work with creators through two programs:

Faith + Art

What kind of relationship are you building between your faith and art career?

The Kingdom Artist Institute provides faith and work mentorship for artists to root them in God and liberate their creativity. Our podcast, books, courses, and community help artists cultivate a holistic experience, where their faith, art, and career thrive together as they work together in full expression. 


What kind of business are you building?

In Niche Nailers, our books, courses, and coaching help creative entrepreneurs develop a clear vision for their work, empowering them to make strong decisions that build strong businesses.


Work with Me

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Build a relationship between your faith and art career that roots you in God and liberates your creativity.


Get the clarity you need to determine the best course for your business.


Get support and accountability to plan and market your nonfiction book.