KAI Retreats provide in-depth and interactive impartation that is customized for your creative community. Retreats can be 1-3 days and are customizable from 12 different session offerings. Session descriptions are available upon serious inquiry. 

Price: Retreats start at $2250, plus travel and lodging

1-day retreat (Saturday 9am – 5pm)
2-day retreat (Friday 5-9pm, Saturday 9am – 5pm)
3-day retreat (Combination of 1- and 2-day retreat)

How to bring a KAI Retreat to your community (in no particular order):
1. Decide on your retreat format
2. Complete the Retreat Request Form
3. Have a conversation with Marlita about format, scheduling, and overall vision for your retreat
4. Choose your sessions

Below are sample schedules for 1- and 2-day KAI Retreats. Session lengths and activities can be customized for your community’s needs. 

1-day Retreat (Saturday 9-5pm)

9-9:45: Introductions
10am: Session 1
11:05am: Session 2
12:15pm: Lunch/Conversation
1:15pm: Session 3
2:20pm: Session 4
3:20pm: Break
3:30pm: Session 5
4:30pm: Closing Activity

2-Day Retreat (Friday 5-9pm and Saturday 9-5pm)

5-50pm: Introductions
6-7:20pm: Session 1
7:20-7:25pm: Break
7:25-8:45pm: Session 2
8:45-9pm: Closing Activity

9-10:20am: Session 1

10:20-11:40am: Session 2
11:40-11:45am: Break
11:45-1:05: Session 3
1:05-2:05: Lunch
2:05-3:25pm: Session 4
3:25-4:45pm: Session 5
4:45-5pm: Closing Activity

Retreat Request Form