About KAI

How would your creative experience be different if you were totally confident that you had God’s full permission and support to be the artist you feel drawn to be?

The Kingdom Artist Institute™ (KAI) is about you and the experience you’re having as a Christian building a life in art in the marketplace. We support you as you learn how to flourish in a sym(tri)otic relationship between your faith, art, and career – where each part is strengthened, expanded, and nourished through a co-working relationship with the other parts. KAI is for artists of all genres, forms, and practices, but our specific focus is on those who do not make religious or Christianity-focused art. Our work is driven by two you-focused questions:

How do you show up in the different spaces of your creative life—in your artmaking, career activities, and in your relationships with God and with your Christian and creative communities?

Do you show up as a whole, multi-faceted person living a single, multi-faceted experience? Or do you show up as a fragmented person split between their faith and art, trying to figure out how to live in two worlds?

Do you show up as a free artist, unapologetic about the art you make, who you make it with, and where you make it? Or do you show up as an artist who feels conflicted (or worse, guilty) because you’re a Christian building a creative life in secular culture?

Do you show up as an artist in harmony whose faith, art, and career are free to work and grow together without suspicion, hesitation, or conflict? Or do you show up as an artist burdened with manufacturing ways to connect your faith and art?

What are the conversations, beliefs, assumptions, and narratives shaping the way you show up in the different spaces of your art life?

Romans 12:2 talks about renewing your mind “that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.” We are convinced that God’s heart for His artists is that we are whole, not fragmented; free, not conflicted and guilty; and harmonious, not striving against ourselves.

This is the experience you should be having, even in your kind of art life. But, the experience you have is shaped by the way you see. Your perception shapes the ‘you’ that shows up in the various spaces of your art life. Thus, our podcast, books, and courses minister to the way you see. We do this by:

  • Addressing the conversations, beliefs, narratives, and assumptions that have brought conflict and misalignment with God’s heart for His artists.
  • Renewing the way you see yourself in this experience by the truth of who God has made you as His artist.
  • Equipping you with tools to flourish in all parts of your experience as a Kingdom artist building a creative life in the marketplace. 

We are here to help you build a life in art that participates in the full scope of God’s working in His artists, a creative practice that:

IN (Spiritual Formation)
Honors the spiritual maturity and fruitfulness He wants to develop in you.

WITH (Relationship)
Honors the relationship and life He wants to build with you.

FOR (Creative and Career Fulfillment)
Honors the fullness of the gifts He gave you, as well as the opportunities, dreams, desires, and doors those gifts are to open and bring to pass for you.

THROUGH (Cultural Impact)
Honors the healing, correction, legacy, footprint, and reconciliation ordained to come through you as you build your art career.

Get an overview of what we talk about from Episode 1, Episode 2, and Episode 32 of our podcast, or Read our book, Defying Discord.

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