You have ideas, a message, and expertise to share with the world that you know will propel others in their journey.

You’re taking the leap to make things official – transforming your knowledge into a dynamic business that will galvanize your community and create the life of freedom you’ve always dreamed for yourself.

Along the way, you’ve hit some major roadblocks and discovered that building a business to empower others with your ideas is a huge task. It’s a lot of work filled with a million decisions to make, a million possible directions, and a million more questions to answer.

And on and on and on…

You’ve diligently tried to tackle each of these areas following endless advice on the internet, but your efforts have felt like trying to hit a small moving target while blindfolded on a slippery obstacle course. Understandably, you’re frustrated. You’re overwhelmed.

As a new entrepreneur, you have no idea where to start or what to tackle first. And if you’re multi-passionate, your different passions and ideas are pulling you in different directions, making it incredibly difficult to even know the business you really want to build.

I feel you! Tell me if this sounds familiar:

You are missing YOUR help!

Well, you’re not crazy. You are missing something. A HUGE something.

See, the thing you’re missing, my friend, is clarity about your work. And not having this clarity is making it hard to charge forward and change the world with your expertise.

As an entrepreneur, you are responsible for setting up everything that makes it possible for you to empower others with your ideas. That set up is all about making decisions and answering questions.

If you don’t have clarity about the work you do, the problems you solve, and the people you serve, you are missing key information that guides and directs you in setting up, managing, and growing your business.

If you’re not clear about the business you’re building, how can you explain it to others? How can you determine which direction, advice, tools, or technologies are best for your business?How can you properly represent your business in a name, logo, marketing, or copy?

My customized one-on-one business coaching will give you the clarity you need to determine the best course for your business.

Work Options

Single Session

A single session is the perfect solution if you need clarity, guidance, strategy, or soundboarding for a specific issue or question.

Sessions are 60 minutes. Conducted via Zoom.

Investment: $150/session

Multiple Sessions

A multi-session coaching package is the perfect solution if you need guidance or accountability for a project with multiple parts, or if you need regular support through a particular season.

Sessions are 60 minutes. Conducted via Zoom.

Investment: $500 (4-sess.) / $1500 (12-sess.)

Power Session

Power Sessions are the perfect solution if you want to work through or strategize a specific project, issue, or opportunity in one jam-packed session.

Sessions are 2.5 hours. Conducted via Zoom

Investment: $350

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