Let Clarity be your compass for success.

Starting your own business is one of the most empowering experiences you can have. However many aspiring entrepreneurs rush into this venture unprepared for its decision-making and communication demands. Many make the costly mistake of sprinting toward to-do lists and quickly find themselves struggling and overwhelmed because they lack the clarity needed to guide their decisions and the language needed to talk about their work. 

The Business Clarity Bootcamp is an interactive experience designed to help you gain clarity about your work so you can confidently meet these demands as you build your dream business.

In our time together, you will gain a deeper understanding of the work you do, problems you solve, solutions you offer, and audience you serve. This information will guide you in making decisions about the best strategies, tactics, tools, priorities, advice, etc. for your business. It will also give you language to tell the story and communicate the value of your work in your marketing, business plan, branding, copy, content creation, etc.

The Business Clarity Bootcamp is for you if you want support fleshing out a new idea; are preparing to create a business, marketing, or content plan; are undergoing a (re)branding process; or simply want to rediscover the fundamental purpose driving your business.

Check out these videos to get a glimpse of the material we’ll tackle.

Registration Includes:

  • Virtual Meet-n-Greet Friday July 14, 7-8pm
  • Breakfast, Lunch, and Snacks
  • Materials and access to the Nail that Niche Course to complete any exercises

Bootcamp Components

Your work has an origin story. Something happened. There was an event that ignited your passion to build this business. You saw, heard, or experienced something that you felt could be better, different, or expanded upon. That event flourished into an entire ecosystem of ideas and plans for ways to address a need, fill a gap, and serve others. Telling the story of your work is critical for your communication in your marketing, in acquiring customers and building brand loyalty, for your copywriting, for your website and business plan, to share with partners, investors, and employees—even to share in interviews. In this section, you will recount the origins of your business idea.

Every field or industry is filled with stakeholders who engage in that space in different ways. Its participants have different perspectives, priorities, and areas of interest. Within that field or industry, you also engage in a particular way and are building a particular work. You have a certain focus. You serve certain people. You address certain problems or needs. Your work centers around particular aspects of your industry. In this section, you will define the particular ways you show up and participate in your field or industry. You will also identify the similarities and distinctions between your work and that of those who work in your field alongside you.

Within your field or industry, your intended audience is also a stakeholder who engages in that space in a particular way. They have specific priorities and exist in a specific experience which has specific issues and calls for specific solutions. In this section, you will define your audience and detail how they show up and participate in your industry. You will also determine the audience experience your work will serve as well as the pain points, needs, and issues you will address within that experience.

One of the primary demands of being an entrepreneur is communicating about your work. You will need to describe what you do in varying degrees of detail for assets and projects including your business plan, website, marketing, copy, social media, and more. In this section, you will begin to draft work statements and descriptions that you will use to describe and represent your work in various aspects of your business.

About Marlita

Marlita Hill is a multi-published author and 20+ year educator who creates, teaches, writes, mentors, podcasts, and speaks to an international audience in and across the areas of faith, art, and entrepreneurship. Her work helps creators define who they are as entrepreneurs—what their work is, who it’s for, and where it fits—so they have the clarity they need to make the best decisions in building and sharing their work their way.