Speak Hill Dance Project

Hill has an incredible ability to make phrases that are unexpected, nuanced, and perpetually intriguing.

I am exhilarated by the exploration of the human body moving through space – in mining its seemingly infinite capacities for expression, in honoring its ability to unearth those deepest unctions that don’t seem to form themselves into words, yet in movement, utter with profound clarity.

I am a minimalist in presentation. I have discovered that my choreographic impetus is rooted in the possibilities of pure movement to express for itself, unencumbered by my ability to provide a suitable frame for the totality of utterance that I sense. I am fascinated by the ability of movements, housed in rhythm, shape, phrasing, weight, and flow, to evoke connection, reflection, nostalgia, and introspection – even without me intentionally or consciously leading one down such paths.

I seek to facilitate evocative, architectural experiences that leave room for others to both share my love for the visual allure of movement and to discover what resonates with them in their own way, on their own terms.

Chests bulging and collapsing in breath, skin beaded with sweat piercing through calming air, torsos twisting and bending; limbs reaching, slicing; feet pushing, gliding, yielding to floor. My work is worship. It is appreciation to God for His design genius, gratitude for the awakened curiosity to explore what His tremendous creation can do. The human body is, after all, a magnificent feat of craftsmanship.

Marlita Hill

“Canvass” (2019)

“Holy ShiFt” (2018)

“In Conversation with Change” (2014)

“The Possibilities of Then” (2020)

“Dancers! Assume the Position” (2015)

“Hand Dance” (2020)

“The Invitation” (2015)

“Selah” (2015)

“The Upper Room” (2021)

“Gimme a Hand” (2021)